We are currently providing service in select areas. If you are outside the service area you will not see available 1010TIRES Mobile Installation vehicles.

For everyone’s safety, your vehicle must be parked in a suitable place to work. Your vehicle must be parked on a level surface and have at least 5ft of clearance available around your vehicle. Our mobile installation vehicle must be able to park within 50ft of the work area. If your vehicle is located in a parkade, we'll need 10 feet of vertical clearance for our service van to enter.

All work is performed on private property only. If you belong to a commercial or strata complex, it is your responsibility to obtain approval to use those premises. Please ensure your location meets the Work Area requirements described above.

The work area must be clear of ice/snow and other debris. We reserve the right to cancel or re-book your job due to unsafe weather or work area conditions.

Yes. For us to do installation, we will require your car keys.


Once your service is completed, the technician will provide you a payment terminal to complete payment. Then the technician will e-mail a copy of your paid invoice.

1010TIRES Mobile Service accepts all major debit/credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accept cash payments, nor do we carry cash within the vehicle.

Tipping is not expected, but is always appreciated. If you wish to tip your service technician, you may do so at time of payment.


After you schedule your appointment online an email is sent as confirmation of your appointment. Please be sure to monitor your spam/junk folder in case the E-mails is sorted there. A team member may contact you to verify the information you have provided, and to verify details of your appointment. You will also receive a SMS text message 24 hours prior to appointment.

We are rolling out our 1010TIRES Mobile Service in selected cities across Canada. Click here to see current service areas.


For more information please review our article “When Do you need to replace tires” at 1010TIRES.COM

If you are unsure about your remaining tread depth, please let us know and our technician can check the tread depth for you.

It is always recommended to change tires in full sets of four. If you change less than four, the new tires will be providing different traction levels compared to the used tires that are staying on the vehicle. In some situations this can cause a loss of vehicle control. Also, on some vehicles equipped with an “All Wheel Drive” system, changing less than four tires can actually damage the drive line, which will be much more expensive to repair than buying four tires.

If you are not sure what tire size is installed on your vehicle, please check your size, and look for the following:



The manufacturer's size recommendation is found on the placard in the driver side doorjamb. The placard will look similar to the one here.

If you are replacing less than 4 tires, and your existing tires require rotation please let our customer service team know by providing a note on our online scheduler, or please give us a call at 1-877-877-1010 opt 4, and listen to the menu for options.

Installation typically takes 1 to 2 hours per vehicle.

Many vehicles come from the factory with steel lug nuts covered in a decorative chrome layer which can become damaged if impact tools are used on them, or even just over time due to temperature changes and moisture. If this has happened, the nuts will be extremely difficult to remove and the nut may actually get stuck into the socket being used to remove it. We recommend checking your lug nuts by placing your vehicle’s original lug wrench over each wheel nut. If it fits without having to use force, then your lug nuts should be fine. If you have to use force to gut the lug wrench over the nuts, then you would have to take the vehicle to a shop to have the wheel nuts removed and replaced before we can perform a mobile service.

1010TIRES Mobile uses the R.I.S.T method as documented by the Tire Industry Association (TIA).

R = Remove debris from mating surfaces.

I = Inspect components for damage or excessive wear.

S = Snug the fasteners in a star pattern.

T = Torque to specification.

Remove debris from mating surfaces. Inspect components  (lugs, studs, bolts, hub centric rings). Snug lug in a star pattern. Torque to spec. Once lugs are tightened by hand, a compact electric impact gun snugs the lugs in a star pattern to about 40-50 ft-lbs. With the vehicle partially supported, the lugs are torqued by hand using a torque wrench to prevent joint settling. Finally, with the vehicle on the ground, another torque check is performed with the torque wrench.

Does your vehicle have Run Flat tires? If so, these tires are typically not repairable, but drivable up to 60-80KM. Please proceed to one of our retail locations where our technicians can further diagnose and offer replacement options as required.

If you have conventional tires, do you have a spare tire? We are happy to perform a service call consisting of a mobile technician coming to you, inspecting the flat and either performing a repair or installing your spare so you can regain mobility. Ask for details on this services cost.

In the event the flat is unrepairable, we can locate a suitable replacement and prepare it to be installed at one of our retail locations (


For fleet or commercial services, please contact us at 1-877-877-1010 and listen to the menu for options, or e-mail us at

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